Basic History

  • (2006) Took my first computer programming class at university (C++ class - required for physics major).
  • (2007) Learned more practical programming skill at the Air Force Institute of Technology (student internship)
  • (2008) Started graduate work at Ohio UniversityDid extensive numerical modeling work for the next 2-3 years in Fortran while at graduate school (trying to model the collapse of a neutron star into a type-II supernova).
  • (2009) Started working part-time with FreeBSD via the PC-BSD project (testing/fixing application packages called PBI’s).
  • (2011) Obtained Master of Science degree in Nuclear Astrophysics from Ohio University
  • (2011) Got hired by iXsystems full-time as part of the PC-BSD project.
  • (Nov 2021) Started working for ACS Technologies as an R&D Team Lead

Projects and Involvement

  • (2009-2018) TrueOS (formerly known as PC-BSD)
    • Application testing/fixing (PBI applications)
    • Co-author of EasyPBI with Jesse Smith
    • Author of the PCDM login manager
    • Wrote/fixed various system administration utilities for PC-BSD/FreeBSD
  • (2012-2021) Lumina Desktop
    • Creator and lead developer
    • Stepped back from development in June 2021.
  • (2018-2022) Project Trident
  • (2018-2020) TrueCommand
    • Project Architect for iXsystems
    • Build and sales automation, middleware, API documentation
    • Lead a small team of developers and set goals/tasks/schedules.
  • (2020 - Oct 2021)
    • Supervisor of all Digital Services at iXsystems
    • Continue to spearhead the TrueCommand project
    • Organize backend service automation systems and create web-services for API interactivity.
    • Write up internal websites which monitor backend services and provides various interactivity for company employees based on permission levels.
    • Plan out and prototype new functionality for tasks before handing off to individual team members.
  • (Nov 2021 - Current)
    • Team lead in the R&D division at ACS Technologies
    • The “Mercs” team focuses on internal tooling and support for other teams within the company.

Computer Skills

In addition to the list below, I have been known to learn additional computing languages within a day or less (python, groovy, ruby, etc…), and then promptly forget about them once the task at hand is finished.

List of Computer Languages and Proficiency

Language Read Write Last Used Notes
Go Yes Yes Current Use this for automation, websites, and distributed system meshes.
C++ Yes Yes Current Use this with the Qt libraries primarily
Shell Yes Yes Current Use this all the time on FreeBSD/Linux for writing automation procedures
HTML Yes Yes Current Use this quite a bit for website systems
Javascript Yes Somewhat Current Smaller subset of my HTML skill set. Typically used for debugging AngularJS
C Yes Yes 2018 Most base-level tools in FreeBSD are written in C and needed occasional tweaks.
QML Yes Somewhat 2017 Slight variation of Javascript for embedded Qt applications
Fortran Yes Yes 2011 Mostly numerical calculations and analysis with advanced mathematics.
MATLAB Yes Yes 2008 Wrote graphical atmospheric modeling software in MATLAB